Our visionaries

make flower dreams come true

Our current company has grown over the years from the initial vision to inspiring our customers through the variety and beauty of flowers from all over the world. A key factor of this growth have been and are our employees, who try every day to bring the charm and passion of flowers closer to our customers.

Their responsibility includes not only selling and advising our customers in our stores in Berlin and Brandenburg but also purchasing our goods at the daily auctions, as well as organizing and carrying out logistics in our logistics centre in the Netherlands

Thanks to their commitment and experience,

we can not only offer a large number of high-quality flowers but

also meet the demanding requirements of our customers.

Meet the team behind the scenes

Henk Haspels

Part of the Akkus Flower family since 1998.

Area of purchasing:

Wilco Vletter

Part of the Akkus Flower family since 2015.

Area of purchasing:
Seasonal flowers

Pieter Vliegendhart

Part of the Akkus Flower Family since 2006.

Area of purchasing:
Greens / cut leaves

Destan Akkus

Part of the Akkus Flower Family, since 2019.

Area of purchasing:
Amongst other things: hydrangeas

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